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By anderson-law2, Feb 23 2016 10:36PM

Every year, Allstate Insurance Company releases a list of the top 200 cities with the safest and some may argue, best, drivers. The ranking is based on accident frequency, or how often the average driver gets in an accident. Readers don’t have to scroll very far to find Boise, Idaho ranked at number 2. Upon further research, we discovered that the likelihood of collisions in Boise is 28% lower than the national average. Even more impressive, the average person in Boise only gets into a wreck every 13.1 years. Boise would be ranked number one in the nation if the survey was done based on population density.

Here are some of the major contributing factors creating safe drivers in smaller towns and cities such as Boise.


• It’s proven that people in smaller towns are less stressed than people in more urban larger towns. Stress causes people to become aggravated and emotional behind the wheel, leading to less focus and of course, more accidents.

Traffic Congestion:

• There is a direct correlation between automobile accidents and the amount of traffic congestion in any given city. Because smaller cities have less congestion, there are fewer accidents.

Road Design:

• The road design in smaller cities is usually more efficient as its main goal is to get the driver from Point A to Point B. This goal, coupled with a standard small city grid system, makes navigating these towns easier and thus accident free.


• Snow removal crews in smaller cities have fewer miles of snow to clear, which means they are typically cleared more quickly and thus drivers can expect to drive on safer roads in the winter time.

Despite Boise being one of the safest places to be on the road, accidents do happen. Getting on the road puts everyone at risk despite stellar city ranking. When that unexpected accident does happen, contact the team at Anderson Law Center to receive the professional legal representation you need to handle your claim. Our team will help you get medical bills paid and get fair compensation for you for lost wages and your overall pain and suffering.

By anderson-law2, Feb 18 2016 11:23PM

While most everyone knows about the dangers of using their cell phone while driving and driving under the influence, a recent accident just east of Boise brings to light another serious source of impaired driving. Earlier this month, Idaho State Police released details regarding an injury crash in which the driver fell asleep behind the wheel, resulting in the vehicle exiting the roadway and eventually overturning. Although commonly disregarded, drowsy driving can be just as dangers as other forms of impaired and distracted driving; in fact, studies show that being awake for 18 hours or more produced impairment equal to a blood alcohol concentration of .05, and .10 after 24 hours.

According to a poll taken by the National Sleep Foundation, 60% of adult drivers say they have driven a vehicle while feeling drowsy and 37% have actually fallen asleep at the wheel. These kinds of statistics result in over 100,000 police-reported crashes as the direct result of driver fatigue every year!

With numbers like these, it’s important to know the potential people at risk, warning signs, and possible solutions. Unsurprisingly, sleep related crashes most commonly involve young people, adults with children and shift workers. However, anyone deprived of sleep or driving very late at night also runs a larger risk of being involved in an accident. Many people often don’t realize they’ve fallen asleep until it’s too late. Some of the warning signs include:

• Yawning or blinking frequently.

• Difficulty remembering the past few miles driven.

• Missing your exit.

• Drifting from your lane.

• Hitting a rumble strip on the side of the road.

If you notice the warning signs of drowsy driving, pull over to a safe place and take a 15-20 minute nap, stretch, or change drivers. Falling asleep behind the wheel, even for a second, can result in very serious accidents and if you or a loved one has suffered at the hands of an impaired driver, the legal team at Anderson Law Center are here to help you get justice.

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