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By anderson-law2, Apr 18 2016 10:14PM

If you are in an accident, either you, someone else in your car, or someone else that could help you should do the following:

1. Write down the other driver’s name, phone number, email address, home address, insurance company, and policy number.

2. Write down the name, phone number, email address, and home address of any and all witnesses.

3. Take pictures of:

a. Damage to both vehicles

b. Any visible injuries

c. The scene of the accident

By anderson-law2, Mar 8 2016 11:00PM

If you live in Boise and have been driving or riding around lately, you may have noticed the detours around the Broadway Bridge, which has been removed and is being replaced with a new bridge. When complete, the new Broadway Bridge will include more lanes for traffic, wider sidewalks, bicycle lanes and improved access to the Greenbelt.

With the addition of these bike lanes, we thought we would address a couple uncommonly known bike laws here in the state of Idaho.

1. In Idaho, when a cyclist approaches a stop sign, he or she needs to slow down and look for traffic. If there's already a car or another bike there, then the other vehicle has the right of way and the cyclist must yield the right-of-way or stop. If there's no traffic, however, the cyclist can slowly proceed. Basically, for bikers, a stop sign is a yield sign.

2. Red lights are considered stop signs and should be treated as such. Bicyclists need to stop and check for traffic before proceeding. If the way is clear of traffic, the cyclist does not have to wait for the light to turn green to proceed.

These laws may seem dangerous and risky-- to some it may even seem as though these laws allow for bicyclists to just blow through intersections but public health researcher, Jason Meggs, begs to differ. He found that after Idaho started allowing bikers to do this in 1982, injuries resulting from bicycle accidents dropped and when compared to other cities of similar size, Boise had 30.5 percent fewer accidents per bike commuter. However, the Broadway detours may be confusing and unsafe for kids, especially on the south side of the river, so the Idaho Transportation Deartment encourages users to cross Broadway on the north side of the river. While this comes as great news, Anderson Law Center encourages everyone to wear helmets, be cautious and aware of surrounding vehicles, and to contact our team if you or someone you know has been wrongfully injured in bicycle accident.

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